TinySpinner Tutorial

TinySpinner Tutorial


This project is a spin-the-bottle type game spinner, useful in many games to pick a player or land on a number. Although you need the TinyShield USB to program the boards, the finished product only requires three borads: TinyDuino Processor, TinyShield Accelerometer, and TinyShield Circle Edge LEDs(21).

The TinySpinner generates a random number and then lights LEDs in a pattern until they land on the specified LED. The LED stays lit until you shake the spinner: then it starts again. 














Stack the TinyShield USB module on top of the TinyDuino Processor. Next, stack the TinyShield Accelerometer on top of the USB module. Finally Stack the TinyShield Circle Edge LED board on the top. NOTE: you can remove the TinyShield USB module from the stack after you program the boards.

Programming the Boards 

Plug in the stack of boards to your computer using the USB cable. Run the Codebender plugin below or download the sketch code and upload it to the boards. After the uploading the program, remove the USB cable from the boards and disconnect the TinyShield USB board from the stack.

Run the Project

Plug in a coin cell or lithium ion battery to the TinyDuino Processor(depending on what kind of TinyDuino Processor you have). After waiting for a quick initialization pattern to run, the spinner will start spinning and land on a random LED.After your turn, just shake the TinySpinner until the LEDs change.