Omega Horizon TinyArcade Game

Omega Horizon TinyArcade Game


Developer: Neo Retro Games
Game Status: Complete
Latest Version: 1.0
Release Date: 14 November 2017
Last Update: 14 November 2017
SD Card Binary: Download
Source Code: Download (Unavailable) 


"The planet of Turnax has extensive mineral deposits of high value to the Interplanetary Allied Confederation (IPAC). Recent unanticipated attacks by primitive species have proven damaging to mining operations. Your mission is to eliminate the primitive hierarchy in minimal time."



  • Button 1: Fire
  • Button 2: Jump
  • Joystick: Move

TinyArcade + Pocket Arcade 

This game is designed to be used with the Tiny Arcade

 and the Pocket Arcade.

For instructions on how to load this game onto your Tiny Arcade, click here.