LEANNA the Lion TinyArcade Game

LEANNA the Lion TinyArcade Game


Developer: Neo Retro Games
Game Status: Complete
Latest Version: 1.2
Release Date: 21 May 2017
Last Update: 2 June 2017
SD Card Binary: Download
Source Code: Download



Leanna may be a lion, but she knows what she likes: She wants fresh meat from her favorite restaurant. 'The zoo had to close'

Play as "Leanna the Lion" in this new runner style game! Chase down zoo-goers for a tasty snack, but avoid the elephants so you don't get trampled, and watch out for the cages! Running into puddles will make you slide out of control. The more people you eat, the more points you'll earn. How far can you make it? 




  • Button 1: Lunge Forward/Start Game
  • Button 2: Start Game
  • Joystick: Move Leanna Up and Down/View Credits or Story

TinyArcade + Pocket Arcade 

This game is designed to be used with the Tiny Arcade

 and the Pocket Arcade.

For instructions on how to load this game onto your Tiny Arcade, click here.