Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7V 270mAh


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    This is a rechargeable Lithium ion polymer battery that can power your projects. The battery has a capacity of 270mAh at 3.7V, the voltage can range from 4.2V when fully charged to 3.0V when completely discharged. The battery includes protection circuitry to protect the battery from over charging or completely discharging.

    This battery includes a micro JST SH connector, which is used on TinyCircuits products that support Lithium ion batteries. 


    • Dimensions: 24.0mm x 24.0mm x 5.75mm (0.945" x 0.945" x 0.226")
    • Wire Length: 12.0mm (0.472")
    • Weight: 5.90 grams
    • 3.7V, 270mAh
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