Joystick Whisker


Whisker Kickstarter Item

Note: This item is currently only available on Kickstarter, it will be for sale on our site after the Kickstarter is complete and rewards have been fullfilled


This Whisker lets you use a discrete joystick for inputs to your TinyDuino! This Up, Down, Left, Right joystick board interfaces with an I2C I/O expander to be read by the TinyDuino (or other TinyCircuits processor of choice). 

*Please note that this is not a full range joystick. It is essentially 4 buttons mounted sideways at the base of the joystick knob. 

The Whisker Adapter TinyShield (ASD2022) incorporates level shifting and a local power supply to ensure proper and safe operation over the entire TinyDuino operating voltage range up to 5V.

To learn more about the TinyDuino Platform, click here


    SX1505 Specs

    • 8 Channel GPIO with NINT and NRESET
    • Fully programmable logic functions (PLD)

    SKRHABE010 Joystick Specs

    • 4 Directional Digital Joystick
    • Center Pushbutton Input
    • I2C Semtech SX1505 I/O Expander

      TinyDuino Power Requirements

      • Voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V 
      • Current: 1.0uA (Normal Mode).  Due to the low current, this board can be run using the TinyDuino coin cell option

      Pins Used 

      • A5/SCL - I²C Clock 
      • A4/SDA - I²C Data


      • 17mm x 10mm (.670 inches x .394 inches)
      • Max Height (from the lower bottom of Whisker to upper top Whisker Connector): 16mm (0.63 inches)
      • Weight: 1 gram (.04 ounces)


      • You can also use this Whisker without the TinyDuino – modifying the connecting cable by removing the opposite connector and stripping/tinning the wires, you can solder the connector cable to any other development board of your choice!   


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