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    Spun from stainless steel fiber you can use it as a creative way to connect various electronics onto clothing projects. These spools are a great way to get into wearable electronics without a large upfront cost and come in large enough quantities to not be afraid of making a few mistakes.Great for artists, crafters, designers, hobbyists and robotics enthusiasts alike.

    What sets this thread apart from others is the fact that it's actually spun from stainless steel fibers (as opposed to plated silver) and doesn't have a Nylon core. This means that while it may not be easy to solder to, because it's stainless, it also won't burn up when you touch it with a soldering iron. Perfect for your next project as it allows wearable clothing to remain wearable and washable!


      • Made from Stainless Steel Fibers
      • Resistance: 28 Ohms/ft


      • This thread can be slightly more difficult to work with in close, fine conditions. Our resident E-Textiles expert suggests waxing the thread for hand sewing, as this should take care of any 'hairy thread' issues.
      • Since waxing is impractical in machine sewing applications, avoid sewing close connections by machine as the 'hairs' could potentially short across small distances.


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