MicroSD Card and Adapter 8GB


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    Add huge amounts of storage to your TinyDuino projects by using this 8GB microSD card. This card works with the TinyDuino system using the microSD TinyShield or the microSD/Audio TinyShield and also has a full size SD card adapter so you can read it from a SD Card capable computer.

    We also have a preloaded microSD card that comes with all of our available games for the Pocket Arcade and the TinyArcade

    Rocket Altimeter Logger
    Rocket Altimeter Logger
    Learn how to build a rocket altimeter using this easy to follow tutorial!
    Football Play Calling Watch Tutorial
    Football Play Calling Watch Tutorial
    Learn how to build a sports wearable that let's coaches electronically call plays to their players with this tutorial!

    Putting Images on Your TinyScreen
    Putting Images on Your TinyScreen
    Learn how to display images, gifs, and videos on your TinyScreen!

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