Tiny Video Player Tutorial

by TinyCircuits Staff December 19, 2018

Tiny Video Player Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to upload videos to your Tiny Video Player Kit. You can take this project on the road with some movies loaded on it, or use it in your next project that needs some tiny video.

If this is your first time using the TinyScreen+, checkout the setup tutorial before proceeding. 


Hardware materials




  • Some videos!

Fun Fact:

  • The micro SD card that comes with the kit is 8 GB, which may seem small, but most movies are around 1-2GB each. HD movies tend to be around 5GB, but that is still an impressive amount of memory in a tiny package. 

Step 1: Assembly (Hardware)

There is no soldering or complicated configurations to worry about, you simply have to plug things into the right places for this section.

Starting with the SD and Audio TinyShield, plug in the speaker and the SD card to the slots on the board. Plug the battery into the 2 pin connector on the TinyScreen+. Then attach the TinyScreen+ to the SD and Audio TinyShield via the tan 32-pin connectors.

 The complete setup of the Tiny Video Player

Step 2: Software (Setup)

To setup the Arduino IDE to program the TinyScreen+, you need to make the selections: 

  • Tools -> Board -> "TinyScreen+"
  • Tools -> Port -> "COM##(TinyScreen+)"
  • Programmer -> "Arduino as ISP"

Tools selections

If you have any issues finding the correct port, checkout this port trouble tutorial for Mac/Windows.

Step 3: The Code!

At this point, you have everything set up and you can move on to the .TSV converter tutorial to learn how to upload your own videos to the TinyScreen+. Here is the program you will use with that tutorial, and the .TSV converter application. (All necessary downloads will be included in the .TSV Tutorial, but you can download the program and application now)

After the program is downloaded, you should see the functionality of the buttons when moving through videos as:

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TinyCircuits Staff
TinyCircuits Staff


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