Tiny Screen Video(TSV) Converter Install for macOS

by Laverena Wienclaw December 19, 2018

Tiny Screen Video(TSV) Converter Install for macOS

In this tutorial we'll talk about how you can get a Windows application running on your Mac (for free) using Wine and WineBottler. (Specifically the Tiny Circuits TSV Converter application.)

Some Background: 

Wine is a free and open source compatibility layer that allows users that run a Unix-like operating system (like Linux and macOS) to run Windows programs without having a Windows machine. Since Wine is free, it is not always perfect or usable on every Windows application. There are definitely programs that are buggy, or don't work at all using Wine.

If you intend to use more Windows' applications on a macOS system than the TSV Converter, you may want to invest in a more reliable, paid solution like a virtual machine, Apple's Boot Camp, or CodeWeavers' CrossOver Mac.

For the TSV Converter, however, Wine and WineBottler will do the job just fine.

WineBottler is another piece of open source software that uses Wine to run Windows-based programs on a Mac by packaging Windows programs into Mac-friendly apps. The creator updates WineBottler for free as a hobby, but he happily accepts donations for the project on his website. 

    Download & Installation

    Depending on which macOS you are currently running, you may be downloading a different version of WineBottler than the one used in this tutorial. It is important to download a version that works with your macOS. If you're unsure, you can click on the Apple icon in the top left and click "About this Mac" to find out.

    Since I am using a MacBook Pro 2017 running macOS High Sierra, I downloaded and used WineBottler v2.0.

    Download Wine and WineBottler in a nice combo package from WineBottler:

    Download page

    After the download completes, you should see this window and then be able to drag both Wine and WineBottler into your Applications folder. 

    The window that pops up upon download completion

    Since the creator is not a recognized Apple developer, when opening WineBottler, you may have to go to where the application is listed in Finder, right-click and select 'Open'.

    Applications folder in Finder

    Select 'Open' on the window that pops up. Do this for Wine as well. You should now be ready to use WineBottler. 

    If you haven't already, you need to download the Windows .TSV converter application. Upon completion, you should be able to open the TSV Converter .exe file with an option to run it using WineBottler

    Click 'Go' and the following window will pop up prompting you to fill out some information about the app:

    WineBottler in action

    You can leave the settings as default, and then click 'Install' to open the TSV Converter and create your macOS application. 

    Thanks Wine & WineBottler 

    Now you finally have the TSV Converter app so you can make some Tiny Screen Video! (You can go to the .TSV Video Converter tutorial to learn how to convert your videos.) 

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    Thanks for making with us!

    Laverena Wienclaw
    Laverena Wienclaw


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