Thumby Tutorial: Submitting a Game

Thumby Tutorial: Submitting a Game

This tutorial will show you how to add a game to the Thumby Arcade in the Thumby Editor IDE using GitHub!

Consider going through the Getting Started with Thumby tutorial before continuing with this one!



      • Your Thumby game
      • A GitHub account
      • Thumby Web IDE
        • NOTE: Only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge support running the TinyCircuits Thumby Editor IDE webpage

      Create/Login to GitHub Account

      Go to and login or create an account. GitHub is a code hosting platform created to track versions of code and collaborate with others. 

      GitHub landing page for sign in and sign up

      Once you have an account, get familiar with GitHub features like creating a code repository, branching, pushing changes to GitHub from your local machine, and making commits and pull requests to public repositories. You can do all of this through GitHub's website, or you can learn how to do it all from the command line

      At TinyCircuits, we share all of our software and hardware files through GitHub publicly under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License. Open source contributions lead to greater and faster innovation through sharing and collaboration - you sharing your game on GitHub makes you a part of the amazing open source community!

      Create Game & Share

      Once your game is in a state where you are ready to share it with everyone and publish it to the public Thumby Arcade, go through the instructions in the README file available on the repository of the Thumby Games

      If you are not quite ready to submit your game and want some feedback, or players to test the game, consider sharing it on the Thumby board of the TinyCircuits forum or with the community on our Discord

        Contact Us

        If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact TinyCircuits support or make a post on the TinyCircuits forum.

        Show us what you make by tagging @TinyCircuits on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook so we can feature it!

        Thanks for making with us!